Our staff are on hand during shop opening hours to resolve any query you may have. Meanwhile we hope this list of FAQs might be helpful.

How long will my order take to arrive? 

Full information can be found on our Shipping Information page.

If you have selected Free UK Delivery your parcel will take up to seven days to arrive.

If you have paid for a preferred delivery service then as long as you received your order confirmation by 3pm then your parcel would have gone to the post office same day. Royal Mail is generally pretty reliable at delivering within their stated guidelines but please remember that Sundays and Public holidays are not working days for them with no collection or delivery and there is only a limited Saturday Service. For more information visit www.royalmail.com 

What if I'm trying to place an order but I need it super quick?

If you are working to a tight deadline, (e.g. a missed birthday, or a last minute party dress is needed), please call us before placing your order so we can confirm it is possible to get your items to you within the time you need. Team work always wins! We will happily go the extra mile and get quotes for couriers within the hour or alternative international shipping carriers if the standard Royal Mail Services don't meet your needs. 

If you're placing your order outside of shop hours and there's something about your order we must know before we despatch it then ring and leave a message on +44 207 636 8922 or email boutique@revival-retro.com Nothing is going to happen our end until the beginning of the next working day when we return to work, All the stock is in the shop and our staff will personally collate your order and lovingly pack it before passing it over to Royal Mail to do their bit. 


What is your returns policy?

Full details can be found on our Refund & Exchange page.

Can we have a girly moment here? Ladies. If you have ordered a dress that you think looks sexy, then please, try it on with sexy underwear! If you always feel self conscious about your tummy, get those massive knickers of the drawer and wear them when you try it on. We can’t be there with you to tell you how it’s supposed to look, but we know that if you’re feeling good about your body then that’s half the battle won. We are are own worst critics so invite a friend round and get an objective opinion.

We love to hear hear how you get on with your purchase, but especially if it’s not making you happy. Get on the phone! Let’s talk about it! Maybe we can find a fabulous solution for your dress requirements. With our expertise in the size and fit of these dresses we will be able to understand your concern and suggest an alternative that will do a better job. 

If it really hasn't worked out then as per our Terms and Conditions you can return the item for a refund. Just watch out for getting your makeup on the dress and trying shoes on carpet. We inspect the goods before we send them out and need them back in the same condition.


Can I exchange an item I’ve purchased online?

Absolutely, provided we receive the goods to exchange back at the shop within 14 days, as per our Terms and Conditions.

Please note that all exchanges are final!


How long will it take for my returned funds to show in my account?

We will action any refund due within 48 hours and you will receive a refund confirmation email. It will depend on the banks how long it takes for the funds to show in your account.


Faulty items

Please come to us ASAP if you think there is an issue with anything you have bought from us. Please remember that we are not the makers of the goods. Just ladies with a good eye and a well curated edit of goodies. If you think you need to speak to us about something that you’ve got from us, please read this: [link] and then give us a call on 0207 6368922.


How do you take your coffee?

 Aw, thanks! Sarah drinks black Americanos (so if she forgets it she can drink it cold), Rowena likes it in a latte (but no caffeine after 4pm or else she won’t sleep). Samantha takes her coffee black too, and Rosie is just happy if it's coffee. She's not fussy. We alway have this info on one of our whiteboards so we always have this info to hand when doing a round!


Do you girls have a great wardrobe?

Yes. We love our job! Sarah used to shop with us before coming on as store manager and gets a bit giddy every time there’s a delivery. Sarah loves her separates and likes wardrobe staples that she can mix and match with her other non Revival pieces. Rosie is a long term customer who joined the team and she still works very diligently at expanding her dress collection every month. Rowena the owner knows what she likes and when she finds something that works really well for her she will often have duplicates of the same thing and every colour option available, a policy she recommends to her customers. Isabella joins the team next week, so we'll need to update this section with her thoughts next month. Samantha has a phenomenal figure and tries to avoid trying things on as she knows that will lead to buying!