Emily & Fin at London Stockists Revival Retro

January 25, 2017
New season Emily & Fin has begun arriving, starting with the sweetest of Sweet Pea prints!

One of the most popular independent boutiques in London, Revival Retro is a proud central London stockist of Emily & Fin. Emily & Fin was established in London in 2002, started by two friends in Portobello Market, and it is now a distinctive British brand with global stockists. Shop the current collection HERE! At Revival...
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Where to go Vintage Shopping in London

January 19, 2017
Vintage shopping in London is getting harder. Thank goodness for Revival Retro!
When vintage shopping in London, Revival Retro should always be on your list. Winner of 2 Time Out awards, we are one of the best loved independent clothes stores in central London.  A full shoe shelf is a happy shoe shelf. Find shoe news HERE. In the face of rising rents...
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The Daywear Classic- Stop Staring Staple Shape

December 24, 2016
Looking for the perfect dress for every day wear? Get a load of this! This Stop Staring dress is the ONE for everyday wear. I mean, its genuinely a daywear classic, not just a name! Ever wake up and look at your wardrobe and sigh, because you’re just bored of wearing the same old thing to work? That’s because this dress is missing from...
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Rosie's New Favourite: The Katharine Hepburn Trousersuit

December 23, 2016
It's love. And I mean it this time.
We always love trousersuits and this vintage style one is no exception to the rule.  I’ve declared I’ve fallen in love with it, it's my new favourite outfit and there have even already been staff falling outs over who gets to buy it first! (The answer is: ME!) A fantastic...
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2016 Best Nine on Instagram

December 18, 2016
Best Buys Hi there! Do you follow us on Instagram? We have not one but TWO accounts and this blog is about the best nine of 2016 on @RevivalRetro December is the time when people look back at the year and highlight their nine most liked posts. Here's our #bestnine2016 for our...
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New Trashy Diva Wine Dots In Store Now!

December 13, 2016
The Trashy Diva Wine Dots print is here! Go go go!
You can always count on Trashy Diva for fabulous shapes and fabulous prints, and we're delighted to welcome back the 1940s Dress, the Ashley skirt and a fab new blouse in the new season Wine Dots. Look at this gorgeous blouse! There was much squeaking and delighting as we unpacked...
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Fantastic 20s Clothes/Dresses/Suits and Where to Find Them

November 17, 2016
Fantastic 20s clothes inspired by JK Rowling Film
We are terribly excited about the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. As it's based in 1926 of course all the Revival Retro Team have been scouring the internet for pictures of what 20s clothes the characters are wearing. Certainly 1920s fashion inspiration has played it's part...
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Sarah's Party Dress Picks!

November 10, 2016

The party dresses are here and I couldn't be more excitable. No, it's not just the caffeine, I'm calling it the Sequin Effect!

This has to be my favourite party season to date. Never have I ever felt so spoilt for choice for party dresses! Velvet? Sequins? HELLO! This is my "OMG I'm in a floor length dress that is made entirely of shimmering green sequins face" (Find it here.) Seriously though, check...
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Beautiful New Green Dress

October 20, 2016
Stop Staring Green Dress UK stockist
We love this stunning new green dress because it has that very vintage aspect that we most love; flattering, feminine tailoring.  The 1940s is one of my personal favourite decades for this reason. The Jeanette dress is inspired by that era and I have to tell you, yes, I already own...
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Classic Daywear: A Wonderful Wardrobe Staple

October 11, 2016

A classic daywear dress that will work as hard as you do at keeping you looking fabulous.

 Classic daywear is something we're always working hard to bring you in the boutique. Our daywear is a bit of a unicorn, it's the special kind of clothing that will get you compliments at work (but not make you stand out like a sore thumb), that is also something you could easily wear in...
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