Revival Repairs

For those awful moments where you realise your favourite garment by Revival Retro may have been spoiled let us help, hopefully it will not be beyond repair. We will always consider options to extend the lifetime of a garment. 

Revival Repairs

Whether there was an accidental rip, a button needs reattaching, you stood on the hem and it needs redoing, or something else unforeseen occurred, we offer a paid for garment repair service.

You can post your Revival Retro own range garment to us for a quote and information on what kind of repair can be offered. We cannot offer this service for clothing made by other brands, even if they were purchased from our store, but we encourage you to ask the brand directly if they offer anything similar themselves.

You can submit a request for repair by filling in this questionnaire, though we suggest reading our Repairs FAQ first.

In the event that you believe a garment designed and made by Revival Retro is faulty in any way we would like to know and be given the opportunity to remedy this to restore your confidence and enjoy your purchase. We are so confident in our garments that we offer a quality guarantee, where we will, in the first instance, offer a free repair if the item is deemed to have a fault. Your consumer rights are unaffected but we will always put sustainability at the heart of our solutions.

Clothing should rarely, if ever, end up as landfill. We believe in extending the lifetime of a garment wherever possible, which is why repairs are an important part of circular fashion.

If your body or your lifestyle has changed and you have a piece of clothing by Revival Retro that no longer fits your needs then read about our Pre Loved scheme.

If you are looking for advice about alterations read more here.