A Considered Approach

We can't and shouldn't ignore our impact on the world we live in.



London Designer of sustainable retro fashion



I'm Rowena, the owner and founder of Revival Retro. I'm very much involved in the day to day running of our small business and am responsible for ensuring we live and breathe the values we espouse and are actively working towards our goals.

For me, our business is about people, not just customers but staff, suppliers, logistics providers, neighbours, friends and family... we don't live in isolation, we are part of a community, local communities, communities bound by common interests, business communities even a global community.

I believe that working in a small business where the whole team cares about what we sell, how we market, what delivery and returns we operate, our workspace policies, we can make a difference. 

Everything we do starts with a more considered approach. There aren't always clear or easy answers to how best to protect the environment so we listen, we learn, we read and ask questions and we make the best decisions with the information we have available. That's our commitment and we will always try to improve.


Team discussion


Team members often blog about the research and decision making processes involved in our product design, sourcing and manufacture but I wanted to tell you about one particular company wide ethos.

We hear the terms sustainable fashion, ethical fashion and such as a way of labelling a business but although I think others within the industry would probably endorse our credentials I am wary of giving ourselves that title.

A label can stick but people and companies change, we evolve over time and so does what it takes to be 'sustainanble' or 'ethical' its not something you arrive at and you've achieved, it's something you constantly work at, challenge everything you think is true and start again with a new perspective and understanding. 


Three years ago we started designing and manufacturing our own garments rather than just selling other peoples. It's given me a new attitude. I used to judge others by what i knew to be true. Now after a couple of years in the manufacturing field i realise how complex it is. There are so many moving parts, different dynamics, old and new processes, innovative technology, noone working or observing one small part can understand the world of difference in something that on first appearance seemed not dissimilar.

So, I'm not labelling our business as 'sustainable' or 'ethical' if I was to choose one word that sums up our business of design, sourcing, manufacturing, buying and selling i would say it is




We consider our impact on the world, we consider the needs and wants of our customers, we consider the information and the choices available to us, and we make a decision on balance. 

You can find information about the provenance of each of our products in any given listing. We aim to be as transparent as possible about the items we sell, not just our own brand but the suppliers we buy from.

We aim to give you the information so that you can make a considered purchase.


Team Revival with packing boxes


When we send you your order this will be in paper and cardboard packaging that can easily be recycled. Wherever possible this packaging is made from recycled materials.

We thank you for supporting our small business and we want you to know that the team try's to act diligently. Apart from the products we sell we consider the workplace we share. We recycle, we turn lights off when we close, we keep the door closed to keep the warm in. All the small actions we probably all do at home, we also practise in the office. We are always open to suggestions and continually looking at ways we could improve.