Revival Retro does not offer an alterations service. We do however offer a repairs service for our Own Range clothing. Read more here.

At Revival Retro we focus on fit and we spend a great deal of time and effort designing for different body shapes. Whether you wear petite size, mid size or plus size clothing women’s body shapes may subscribe to a type but at the end of the day we are all different and let’s embrace that as a positive thing!

If you are seeking to improve on the fit of a garment to meet your individual needs we advise visiting an alterations specialist in person. Be sure to wear your preferred undergarments and footwear during the alterations consultation as these will all make a difference to altering a garment to your specifications.

This advised best practice is why we do not offer an alterations service at Revival Retro, we cannot do this at a distance.

Ask around in person or on relevant digital channels for genuine recommendations of people in your area. Often, your local dry cleaners will have an alterations service. Ask them about their experience and what they can offer. It’s often surprising what talented people we find in our community when we look around. Your friendly, local, specialist might become a highly valued and much used resource!

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