Revival Retro Pre-Loved

When we started our Own Range of clothing back in 2017, we committed to making clothing that lasts. Clothing that you own, love and wear for years to come. And so far we have succeeded in that thanks partly to classic designs and high quality easy to care for fabrics.

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Clothing Made To Last

However we appreciate that people go through many changes and what once was perfect for you might not be quite right for you today and that’s ok!
Speaking with you we’ve heard many reasons why you might not be wearing your beloved Own Range pieces anymore. Some of you speak about how your body has changed, others about how you’ve adapted to a different lifestyle and others simply have new interests and tastes. Whatever the reason for changes are, your clothing requirements are different and we’d love to help you clear those pieces from your wardrobe in an environmentally friendly way and restock it with something more relevant that fits your current needs.

Introducing…Revival Retro Pre-Loved!
Revival Retro Pre-Loved
The basic premise of this trial scheme is that you send us your Revival Retro clothing that is in good condition but you’re not currently wearing, and we’ll send you a discount code for you to spend on a brand new piece of Own Range clothing. Not only that but by sending your Own Range pieces back to us you will also be doing your bit to reduce your environmental footprint because all returned clothing will go on to have a new lease of life with someone else.

Sustainable Vintage Inspired Clothing

That’s right, we will be listing the clothing you send us, along with clothing worn on photoshoots and press loans, for sale on this page here. You might even find the occasional sample in there too. Regardless of the back story, all items will be in tip top condition and wearable right out the packet.

Sustainable Vintage Inspired Clothing

You can find a full FAQ on Revival Retro Pre-Loved here but if you require any further information please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at boutique@
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Revival Retro Pre-Loved is part of our commitment to Net Zero. To find out more read our blog on it here
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