Revival Retro Announcement

It is with sadness and regret that I have to announce our bricks and mortar boutique has closed.

Revival Retro is online only for now and we look forward to bringing you the new collection which is full of amazing looks, fantastic fabrics and the quality and attention to detail that you know and trust us to provide.

The boutique holds so many wonderful memories for us all. It is difficult to believe that there won’t be those special moments, where we get to witness a customers face light up with pleasure, those changing room moments where we’ve offered our knowledge but also the honest insight of a friend, the numerous glasses of Prosecco and cups of tea that have marked the many social occasions where great conversations, new introductions and the most amount of fun you can have in a shop has certainly been had over the years.

However, the pandemic has taught us many things, not least, that the future is what we make it. Having had the chance to consider what’s most important to us, to face the fact that things cannot remain as they were and to begin to make the changes that ultimately will make us better, more inclusive, able to stay relevant to your needs we are making tough decisions.

We have always put people at the heart of every decision at Revival and always will. The whole team are adjusting to new ways of working, no one has been left behind. We also want to make sure we bring you, our fans, along with us on the next stage of the journey. We promise we will keep listening and continue to work on new and interesting ways to bring you the very best Revival style.

So stay posted; you’ll want to make sure you keep up to date on what happens next. Make sure you are on our mailing list if you’re not seeing as many of our social media posts these days.
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