What to wear to a hot date?

February 08, 2015
Tory Smith Photography What to wear to a hot date? It’s going really well. You are totally into this. Things are progressing. Tonight you want to look sensational. You want to feel sexy. Dammit, you are sexy! You are hot! You are amazing! Yes, you are! Wear any of these...
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Jewellery to Accessorise your LBD

November 09, 2014
Your favourite gold or silver jewellery is the easy way to accessorise your LBD but if you fancy something different try one of these ideas.   Honey coloured Topaz gives the warmth of gold but the sparkle of a gem stone. Buy Necklace Buy Bracelet Buy Earrings   Statement earrings are...
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Katherine Hepburn Style: Trousers

October 08, 2012
No doubt about it, one of my favourite all time style icons is Katharine Hepburn. That confident attitude, that knowing and slightly superior little smile, that high minded refusal to tow the line: Katharine Hepburn has self assured style and to me that's the most glamorous kind. Hepburn never seems...
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