Chic Fifties Vintage Look

This chic fifties vintage look is perfect for winter. A wool skirt, knit top and cropped jacket will keep you warm whilst looking ultra stylish.
Chic Fifties Vintage Look
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These designs hark back to French Haute Couture’s golden age. In the 1950’s, Paris emerged as a hub for luxurious fashion. The French Haute Couture Houses crafted a new silhouette for women, accentuating the feminine forms.
Available in a range of bold colours to brighten up your winter these skirts and jackets can be mixed and matched to create different vintage looks.
Madmen style 1950s 1960s
The cropped jacket is a revival of Jackie Kennedy's style in the late 50's, early 60's jacket, but also popularised more recently by the hit TV show Mad Men. 
Vintage Look 1950s Jacket
We are huge fans of elegant and original women’s clothing, and the Von 50’s range is bound to make women feel sophisticated, unique and self- confident.

The high waist stretch wool mix pencil skirts with their large belt are a winter wardrobe staple. We recommend one in every colour! Choose from Racing Green, Peony Red, lemon Yellow or Monochrome Houndstooth, 
Fifties Vintage Look
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Everything is available in our London shop including french berets in a range of colours.
Atelier Millinery French Beret
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