Ascot Outfit Ideas: Shoes

Seriously now, only wear comfortable shoes for Ascot. A spike stiletto heel will have you sinking into the grass quicker than you can say 'odds on to win'! Also, all you need is one miss placed footstep and that's a bad ankle you'll be nursing for a while. Don't do it!

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The Balboa is our most popular style. Have a closer look here.

Choose a heel that you can walk in, first and foremost. You'll be on your feet all day and carrying a spare pair of flats (or even a pack of plasters) isn't going to cover up that very distinct way a person walks when their shoes are uncomfortable. Plus, handbag space generally tend to be a at a premium, save it for something more important.

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The Rika. Makers Chie Mihara are known for being extremely comfortable

If you go for a court shoe, make sure the heel is stable and solid. I'm totally crushing on these beauties with the inlaid pattern in the heel. Also, a nude heel will go with everything, so you can wear them with anything you like after Ascot. (Try with some slim fitting trousers or jeans and a crisp white shirt- yum!) These are made by Chie Mihara, who specialise in ridiculously comfortable shoes. (You can read more about them here)

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This season's must have: the exclusive colour Loretta

If you'd feel more stable with a strap, try the Loretta heels. They'll add a pop of colour to your outfit, and the arch support means Ascot shoes that are comfortable to wear all day. We have them in a soft pink, gorgeous green AND an exclusive Lilac colour. Tie in a double knot by your ankle for maximum retro style points. (You can read more about our exclusive collaboration with the makers Miss L Fire here.)

Shoes must be as gorgeous as they are comfortable. Don't compromise!

Lillie is a classic heel that works with nearly anything!
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Love higher heels? A gorgeous high heel for Ascot is the Lillie. With a covered toe and texture from the lace panelling, they make any foot look small and dainty! The best bit about these shoes is actually the buckle. The buckle is longer than the elastic holding it on, which gives it wiggle room to angle the strap over your foot arch for the perfect fit unique to your foot. Choose from ivory, ivory and black two tone, or if you're quick you might catch one of the last pairs of the green and ivory!

Whatever you go for, please remember you don't have to compromise on comfort when it comes to your shoes. Let this year be the best year for Ascot shoes yet!
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