Ascot Outift Ideas: Hats

** For hat orders for Ascot 2017 from the Atelier Millinery department, please order by 13th June**

Ascot outfit inspiration often starts with the hats. Ladies attending Ascot must wear a hat with base that is a minimum of 4cm wide. This means no fascinators- and believe us that they're strict!

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If you're not used to wearing hats, this is a good size for the novice wearer.

Generally speaking, go big. We think that when it comes to hats, especially for such a stylish occasion that bigger is better. However, make sure it's comfortable and not too awkward to wear all day! After all, who wants to carry a 3 foot tall hat under their arm for most of the day?!
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This stunner is available in store and affixes with a hairband for ease of wearing.

On a practical note, think about your hair, and how your hat will affix to your head. A good rule of thumb is to keep it simple. (Mainly because you don't want to spend hours fiddling with your look if it's windy.) Most hats can affix with an elastic, which can be hidden in the hair and secured with pins. You also have the comb option, which is good for when you have your hair up. There's also the possibility of having the hat fixed onto a hairband, which can be as wide or thin as you like.

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When wearing a simple style, go for a bold colour to make it really eye catching.

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Not sure where to start with hats for Ascot? Atelier are extremely knowledgable and can offer advice for the best style for your face shape. They have plenty of ready to wear and customisable designs, as well as lots of ideas if you want to design your own Ascot hat but don't know how to go about it.

A hat with neutral toned detailing has a lot of re-wearability.

Wearing a hat is also an excellent opportunity to coordinate your outfit to the max. Match your hat colour to colour accents in your dress, shoes and bag for ultimate style points. Ascot consider themselves to be synonymous with sartorial elegance, so this is your chance to make sure that no detail is left unconsidered. 

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Hat shopping for Ascot can be a very fun experience as it's your chance to express your personality in a way we just don't do that often any more. There is no such thing as 'I don't look good in hats'- you just haven't found the right one yet, I promise!

Most ladies prefer to buy their hats in person rather than the internet- which is understandable. Hat shopping in London just got a whole lot easier as Atelier Millinery are in our central London boutique. If you'd like an appointment to discuss your hat for Ascot please call them on 0207 734 3848 or email
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