New Season Chie Mihara in London Stockists Revival Retro

This blog is now out of date- but you can Shop current Chie Mihara here


When our first collection of Chie Mihara shoes arrived last year I died and went to shoe heaven! My collegue Rowena has long been a fan, and since starting Revival has always wanted to be a Chie Mihara stockist. (Read her blog about it here)

Shop current Chie Mihara here!

The shoes have been tremendously popular with our customers who already knew the name, and also our regulars who take their shoes seriously. We're already loved by our fans for having a fabulous and fabulously comfortable shoe collection, and having Chie Mihara shoes in our store helps cement this further.

For those of you who are not in the know, Chie started her company in Spain in 2002. Her attitude is one I think we can all recognise. "We're mothers, working women, active women!" she says, "and we should have shoes that match our needs. We want to look feminine, beautiful, attractive but without giving up comfort"

Unusual, special, and so, so wearable. The Maho was hugely popular!

Her collections draw on vintage influences ranging from 1930s femininity to 1980s humour, taking details from the past and reworking them. Her collections reflect contemporary aesthetics and modern fashion- and the shoes are always incredibly comfortable. Hello, padded soles and secret platforms!

This lady saw the shoes, ran in, and walked out wearing them!!

As well as being handmade in the highest quality materials, as I spend a lot of time in our London store there is one thing I particularly value in this brand- half sizes!

Our new season Chie Mihara arrive in February 2017. To be the first to know when they arrive, click here to let us know- don't forget to state your shoe size.

These mustard beauties stole my heart!

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