Moments of inspiration: art and fashion - Becky Bettesworth

April 21, 2019
creative inspiration during a weekend away on the south coast of England
About three summers ago I was having a blissful weekend away from London down on the south coast of England. One Sunday morning nothing was going to lure my friend and I from our luxurious comfy beds except that we had prepaid for hotel breakfast!     Not only is the idea of...
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Jackets to fit curvy women- Refine. Improve. Version 2

August 29, 2018
Jackets for curvy women
What good is being a business women if your not willing to learn and improve?   This project was instigated by listening to customer feedback; you told me how hard it was to buy a jacket on the high street that would button up across your boobs without gaping yet...
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Jackets to fit curvy women - Success! Really? Prove it.

January 31, 2018
Jackets for curvy women to accommodate a large bust
In 2017 i set about realising my mission to create our own range of clothing. Having spent years listening to what our customers want / need then trying to source this and sometimes not being able to, I set about creating products to fit customers needs that I couldn't source...
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Curvy fashion - it's not just a vintage thing

October 18, 2017
London shop curvy fashion
The latest installment in my mission to create fantastic clothing to fit and flatter curvy women: We've designed these amazing jackets, they are selling well to our existing customers, we are doing well for our first ever product release but... ...our jackets might be inspired by vintage style but they...
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We did it! Our first products arrive!

September 01, 2017
London designer feminine tailoring
The last eight months have been intense! Once i set my mind to something, there's no stopping me. I will give that project everything I've got. Brainstorming ideas. Pitching them to others. Tearing them down and rebuilding them based upon the feedback, research and learning. Staring again. Realising things are...
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Big Decisions for a Small Business

May 01, 2017
small business owner london independent shop revival retro
Small businesses have to be true to their selves whilst being able to change and adapt to change. Sometimes that means making Big Decisions! Noone ever said the road to success would be easy and that's certainly true for our independent shop in central London.
    For seven years our small independent shop has strived to bring you the very best from the vintage inspired world of fashion. We turn to the 30s, 40s and 50s for inspiration because we love the feminine tailoring, stunning silhouettes and elegant design.   Our regular customers have...
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