Old Hollywood Glamour Cape

In 2018 we launched something special; our Knightsbridge Cape.

Old Hollywood Glamour cape

The stunning midnight blue wool outer was chic, understated and timeless but when you see those flashes of Kingfisher Blue beneath, well, that was the exciting bit.⠀

Vintage style clothing

Classy and sophisticated. Our old Hollywood glamour cape is just the ticket when you could scream because you don’t know what the weather will do next!

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It’s perfect for weather that is neither hot nor cold, when you’re on and off public transport, in and out of buildings shopping, errand running, mooching, all whilst making you feel like a million dollars. And of course it's got pockets for your essentials.

The midnight blue colourway sold out in Autumn Winter 2018 but customers and fans begged us for more. We wanted to keep with the versatile outer and an eye catching lining and so in 2019 we released a dove grey wool with soft pink lining. 

Vintage style cape

Designed by Rowena Howie and made in London, our wool cape is something extraordinary and brings its wearer much joy. 

European vintage influencer

We had planned on releasing a new colourway in 2020 but the less said about 2020 the better! The question now is should we release one for 2021? And if so what colour should we do next?! 

Drop us an email with your suggestions to boutique@revival-retro.com and make sure you're signed up to our newsletter so you're the first to know about new arrivals. 


green wool cape

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