Our Own Range Silk Scarves

by Mary Lowe March 01, 2021

I'm hugely excited to introduce you to our latest Own Range additions - two gorgeous 100% Silk Scarves. 

Floral Silk Scarf
Floral Silk Scarf

So what makes these scarves so unique and how did we get them made? 

As you all know Rowena has a great eye for prints, silhouettes and fabrics, as proved by the existing pieces in our Own Range. Many years ago Rowena fell in love with and brought this vintage floral print.

Vintage Floral Print

Rediscovering the print when having a sort out during the first lockdown, Rowena knew that she wanted to repurpose this beautiful artwork. As a team we decided that scarves would be a great start.

First of all we needed to find a printers that offered a scarf printing service. As we love to support other small businesses and particularly those based in the UK we began our search there. Fortunately we found exactly what we were looking for in a company called The Silk Bureau. They are a family owned company with more than 30 years experience:

'We are proud to manufacture wholly in Great Britain, to extremely high standards, in our state of the art production environment. We are proud to help so many up and coming, as well as internationally recognised, design companies to make their creativity come to life.'

Having found the perfect company to help our scarves become a reality we now had to design the prints.

Before joining the Revival team I worked as Textile Designer. This meant I could use my skill sets and, with the help of Photoshop, take the floral motifs and manipulate them into scarf designs.

We decided it would nice to have a contrast between the two. Therefore one has a plain black background and is printed on Silk Twill (a more shinny style silk) and the other a small floral polka dot background printed on a Silk Crepe de Chine (semi transparent and textured to the touch). They are 60 x 60cm in size. Perfect for a headscarf, neck tie or to accessorise a bag.

Floral Silk ScarfFloral Silk Scarf

When the scarves arrived in store, just before Christmas, we couldn't be more excited. They turned out better than we could have hoped and the feedback we have had from customers so far has been hugely positive.

I have to say that mine has come in very useful over the past few months. My hair has not seen a hairdressers for over a year and bad hair days are becoming a common occurrence. My scarf is an easy fix and teamed with a pair of earrings certainly adds a touch of glamour to my otherwise dishevelled lockdown look.

Floral head scarf silk

Many of our in store customers (who we greatly miss at the moment) will often ask us how to tie a headscarf. Sarah, a former member of the team showed me how it's done on my first day at the Boutique and I've never looked back - Thanks Sarah! To see their tutorial video visit our youtube channel. 

The joy of these 100% silk scarves is that they can be worn in multiple ways and not only are you supporting two UK independent businesses you also look great doing it. Win, win.

We intend to make more scarves so if you have any recommendations or wishes please feel free to email us your thoughts at boutique@revival-retro.com.

Mary Lowe


Mary is our resident magpie and the perfect person to help you accessorise your outfit. She is also an actress, writer and a jazz singer when she is not working at Revival Retro.

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