Revival Repairs

At Revival Retro we are always looking for ways to improve our sustainability credentials and help our customers. Rowena loves brainstorming ideas and Charlotte loves researching the details. We make a great team and over the years we’ve built a great community, of not just you, our friends and customers, also a vast network of talented people, primarily female founders, who are experts in their fields.

Ideas become conversations and worthwhile discussions turn into exciting plans! That’s how we’ve arrived at the next part of our journey to net zero by 2030. We’ve found another way to act on our advocacy of circular fashion and we are so pleased that we are now ready to announce this next step.

Revival Repairs

Revival Retro is launching a repairs service, run in conjunction with our old friend and skilled specialist, Splendid Stitches.

Time and again you, our customers, have told us how much you value our own range. Designed and made by Revival Retro has become key to our collection. Many of you have now become repeat purchasers of our smart tailoring, pretty dresses, great fit and inclusive sizing!

That means we also know how upsetting it is when one of your favourite pieces gets accidentally damaged. We understand you will absolutely want to rectify the problem if possible and we’ve found a way to help with that.

You may have met Nanna from Splendid Stitches at one of the many events we held when we had the shop in Fitzrovia. A local partner based in Bloomsbury, who is an expert seamstress, we were always happy to hand out Nanna’s card to those who needed her help. Nanna really is very highly skilled, like us very strongly believes that fashion should be more circular and is someone we know and trust.

Nanna Splendid Stitches

Both of our female founded businesses have had to relinquish our bricks and mortar premises during these challenging years but we stay in touch, talk about the issues in our industry and like to meet up for some vino whilst we are putting the world to rights!

We are also women of action. Solutions focussed, we know that the impact we can make is helping you make meaningful choices about sustainability and using your purchase power. That’s why we decided to join forces to provide a repair service.

We want to help you extend the lifetime of any garment you have purchased from our own range. They are high quality garments intended to stand the test of time but when the unforeseen happens and you accidentally cause a rip, pull a button off, stand on a hem or anything else that damages your clothing we want to provide a trusted service you can turn to. With reasonable rates, an easy postal and return service and expert skills you can rely on, we are here to help.

We also want you to know that when you invest in a piece of clothing designed and made by Revival Retro you can have confidence in that decision, as part of our quality guarantee if something made by us turns out to be faulty we will repair it free of charge. Of course, we entirely uphold your consumer rights but we will always put sustainability at the heart of our solutions.

This is a repairs service, not an alterations service. Click here for our advice about finding a local alterations service.

The repairs service is entirely and exclusively focussed on our own range of which Nanna is entirely familiar with and has all possible access to our materials trims and buttons etc. We do not offer repairs on garments by other brands (even if they were bought from our store).

Revival Repairs

This is all part of encouraging and enabling you to buy well and buy less.

Hopefully you will never need this service but isn’t it nice to know that it exists if you do!

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