Atelier Millinery Party

On Thursday 1st of June we combined our usual 'Thursdate' with the official launch of Atelier Millinery in our central London boutique and oh wow what a launch it was!

Atelier Millinery were on hand to introduce their range of ready to wear hats and explain what custom options there were.

They also doubled up as rather glam photographers!

Amanda looks amazing in that Audrey hat!

Nora just looked incredible in everything that Atelier recommended for her face shape but the decision was unanimous, this was the perfect hat for her!

As the night went on, the hat became known as "The Nora Hat"!  

All the hat chat and general gas bagging was thirsty work so the bubbles sure went down a treat!

Cheers Jo!

Of course I got in on the bubbles action...

I tried to get in on the hat action too but due to me wearing a full headscarf I couldn't find a hat to suit.  But then out of nowhere someone plucked this floral headpiece and I fell head over heels in love with it.  I mean look how perfectly it matches with my outfit! 

Speaking of matching perfectly how about this for an incredible combination:

Charlotte highlighted the red detail in her dress with the 'Hayfever' hat. (available in store and online HERE.)

 Whitton just couldn't decide between two hats so got both!  Here she is in one of her purchases, 'Garden Party':

She reasoned with herself that they were too different and she would get wear from both.  Who can argue with that sensible shopping logic?! 

Whitton was thrilled with her purchases and went home very, very happy.

The funniest sale of the night definitely has to go to Liv who actually bought this hat off of Sarah's head!

Atelier Millinery had made this beautiful panama hat with green ribbon and half a cockade especially for Sarah.  But Liv fell in love and managed to persuade Sarah to sell it to her!  Though don't feel too bad for her, Atelier Millinery are already making her a replacement!

The night was a roaring success and both the Revival and the Atelier teams would like to thank you all for coming along.  

Want to find out which hat style was the most popular on the night?  Read all about it HERE.

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