We're Hiring! And Here's Why You Should Apply!

I've been working for Revival for almost 5 years now. That's quite unusual in retail, staying in one company at least. Gone are the generational expectations that you will have one job forever, which I think speaks volumes about how I've wanted to stay with the company since I first came on board!

Application details are here!

On my first day, the owner sat me down and asked me to help pick the next season shoe selection from one of our suppliers..... I was thrilled and terrified in equal measure!

Since then, I have helped to choose 10 seasons worth of clothes, shoes and accessories. I have also trained team members, painted wood, posted countless images on social media, mopped floors, gone to trade shows, made thousands of cups of tea, and been the fit model for our own line of clothing (not to mention contribute design ideas to it!) to mention only the things that spring immediately to mind.

I have served women in their 60s determined to find the sexiest dress for their wedding, I have helped mums pick their teenage daughters first pair of heels. I've danced with customers, plied them with chocolate, had them bring me coffee, gone out drinking with them, have them come in to show me their baby scan, and invite me on their hen do! Ladies have cried with delight, cried at their partners and cried over shoes in my company.

I've been to awards ceremonies, trade shows, the kitchen of the store owner, Royal Mail delivery centres, and of course I have spent many a fun hour on the shop floor.

Our customers come from all over the world. From the regulars to those who are coming to London for the first time and just *had* to visit us, the people who come here really make the day to day such a delight.

On that note, it varies here from day to day and week to week. The benefit of working for a small business like this means I don't have time to get bored with working here. We are given projects to take ownership of and run with. Our owner Rowena believes in investing in people, in helping them develop professionally and personally. She believes in a strong team dynamic, good communication, and empowering those who have the passion to succeed. 

I love it here. I hope you will too. Find application details here. Full and part time available.


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