Time Out Award Winner- AGAIN!!!

364 days ago I wrote a blog post about winning our first Time Out Award - And I am SO thrilled I get to do it again!!!

Obligatory Photo Booth fun. Almost like a before and after shot for wine!

We had such a lovely evening, and we were just so happy that we had won for a second year. There had been a delay in us finding out, and so, thinking we hadn't won, we were actually really sad for a few days. We'd been keeping a beady eye on the competition (obvs) and thought we were in with a chance. ....But then the email came and we got extremely excited. (Read: I got really excited and squeaky)

We didn't have much time to choose our dresses, but I decided on the Fatale Gown in black, Samantha chose the Gia gown (and looked PHENOMENAL) and Rowena rocked the Midnight Cocktail gown.

We all looked super babely. Three ladies in floor length black dresses? Like Charlies Angels, but better!

I felt particularly happy with my dress - you know when you just put one on and feel like 'Yeah. This. This is every good.' - well, that. And then within 5 minutes of getting inside at the party a stranger came up to me and said "Just wow. Wow. Love your dress", and then he wandered off into the night. This happened another 2 times with two different people! YESSSS! Happy Sarah indeed. Also the free bar helped.

It was an excellent party. There was a stage invasion which we may have instigated, multiple trips to the Photo Booth, each one more ridiculous than the last, and general merry making. If you look back on our twitter feed you can follow the general merry making of the night. (@RevivalRetro)

Samantha had to slope off early as she had to open up the boutique the next day. Which was probably for the nest, because Rowena and I kept the party going until 4.30am.... oops!

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