Time Out Award Winners!!

Yes! Yes, yes yeeeeees! We won! Thank you SO much for all of your support. Every vote, heart and review has meant the world to us. We kept a daily check on the voting page- any time there was an increase in hearts or a new review it got squeaked and 'aww'ed over. 

Thank you. So. Much.

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We actually found out that we were winners by email during a day of stock take. We were all here, all tired, and all tired of counting things! Then Charli had a peep in the inbox, to check there weren't any emails needing attention.... And she started shouting! 'We've won we've won!'

We all crowded around the computer- and there it was! We were so excited- and it was so hard because we weren't allowed to make it public because Time Out wanted to throw a party and announce it. I mean, fair enough, it's their awards...

We immediately RSVP'd and as soon as we finished the task at hand, set about the serious business of deciding what to wear!! We were sad Sydney couldn't make it, but Uni work must come first.

We consoled ourselves with the delightful hardship of picking our outfits! I'll save you the endless tryings on, but I was very happy that I at last had just cause to wear the Red Timeless dress with our ubiquitous Gold Balboa heels. (I'll be recreating this ensemble at the next Thursdate, if you'd care to join us?)

Charli positively sizzled in the Hermosa dress. How did that girl never have an LBD before? She's a vintage goth for goodness' sake! She wore her lovely Cream Anitas. (We spent a fair part of the night on the night discussing why she also needs the red pair.)  Rowena was the belle of the ball in the metallic Fortune dress and Ritz heels in silver. (You should have seen the admiring looks she got ALL night) Watching her try things on was such a treat. That figure gets kept under wraps far too much, in my opinion!

We booked our friend and regular makeup artist Melanie Brown to come and do our hair and makeup. I decided to go without my glasses in favour of some fierce eye makeup, and my bobbed hair made super sleek.  Charli opted for a peachy natural look and strong lip with a gorgeous touseled hair do. Rowena kept her up-do and makeup simple and natural. That's the beauty of that dress- it doesn't need much!

Cue one short cab ride later, and we were there! The queue moved super fast and before we knew it we were walking downstairs, and into a room where the entrance was lined with waiters holding lots of glasses filled with all sorts of refreshments. Heaven.

From that point onwards it was a delightful blur of pictures, bubbles, canapés, wine, gelato, the Photo Booth and DANCING! (Of the tipsy, bopping around kind!)

We bumped into some friends from the winners of the best bar in Soho (Milroys- check it out!) and once the dance floor had been shown who was boss, we slunk off to a late bar to drink whiskey cocktails until the wee hours.

A fun and fantastic night. Good grief, I was so hungover the next day! 

(Please enjoy this picture of Row having a boogie. Was great to see her let her hair down!)

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