Easing Yourself Out Of Lockdown

Lockdown is easing and the air (well social media) is full of people's "can't waits". "I can't wait to see you!" "I can't wait to go to the pub!" "I can't wait to go on holiday!"

You may be saying a lot of these things too but at the same time do you also feel just a little bit... anxious?

I remember having the same trepidation when lockdown eased last summer and the Government launched "Eat Out To Help Out". Yes I was already back at work in central London at that point and popped into a few cafes but the thought of going into a restaurant didn't sit well with me. I didn't judge others doing it, how could I? The Government were not only saying it was legal, it was encouraged!

Grey jacket and green dress
(Amanda keeping Covid safe whilst modelling)

Anxiety about lockdown has come in waves for me. The apex wasn't actually during lockdown but in late October. It felt like everyone else had forgotten there was a pandemic. I'd been almost spat on twice and full buses went by with no one wearing masks. The rules were constantly changing and I was actually relieved when we were locked down again.

And I felt traitorous for it. I knew people's businesses would suffer - let alone Revival - I knew kids and parents were desperate to get back to school, I knew everyone else, except for me it seemed, would be disappointed. 

As someone who has been diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder many years ago this was not my first meltdown rodeo. In many ways I was probably more prepared for lockdown anxiety than most and I imagine many people experiencing mental health issues for the first time must have be very frightened. 

Which is why it's important to talk about how people feel and more importantly listen and accept. I've felt judged for being too concerned about Covid but also not enough. It seems ridiculous but the pandemic has infiltrated so many parts of people's lives our experiences are all so different. 

Green cardigan and red floral blouse
(Hi, me Charlie here)

The Prime Minister has been quick to draw comparisons between the pandemic and World War II wherever possible. Personally, I feel the most (and possibly only) valuable one to make will be at the end. Yes, people will dance in Trafalgar Square and so they should, but there will also be people at home still sad and angry. The loss has been great and while the relief is immense there will be a lot to process. 

So my advice to you is threefold:

- Go at your own pace

- Set boundaries and respect other people's 

- Have your own Carnevale 

Celebrate in a way that makes you feel comfortable and disband with the judgement of both yourself and others. There will be a lot of behaviour that will appear hypocritical but remember we're all trying to work out our limits. 

Here at Revival Retro we will continue to put your safety first. If you are not comfortable yet stepping in store then please feel free to book one of our Virtual Appointments.

Our delivery and returns policy is also very straightforward and as always you can get in touch with our team if you have any questions. 

Take care. x 

Charlie and the Revival Retro Team 

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