Autumn Fashion: How to stay stylish yet warm

Revival's Autumn Style blends classic 1940s clothing styles with the 1950s fashion forfeminine tailoring to create a flattering female silhouette.
We borrow inspiration from our favourite eras and marry this with the practical necessities of everyday life  to bring you some great Autumn style tips:

1. Start with a classy black dress that is flattering on your shape, this is your foundation.
Even if you wear nothing else this dress must fit and flatter you perfectly.
Choose a shape that suits your body shape, work your best assets and conceal those bits you are least confident about.
Part of owning your own style is feeling comfortable in what you choose to wear.
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2. Add a warm layer that that maintains your silhouette and doesn't create bulk where you don't want it.
A close fitting knit in a medium weight yarn should keep you warm and toasty as you move through your day. Choose your warm layer wisely and you should only need one, multiple thin layers is a difficult look to coordinate and keep smart. The idea is to be warm enough to happily remove the layer enabling you to reveal your classy black dress. 
Your one warm layer can be a wonderful colour accent and a key component of your outfit.
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3. Coordinate your warm layer with your shoes and accessories.
Whether its's a contrast colour, a perfect match or a tonal compliment you want a homogenous colour scheme that doesn't look like it was thrown together without a thought.
We recommend flesh coloured tights but colourful shoes that correspond to a scarf or statement piece of jewellery at the neck.

4. In cold weather it's all about your extremities so dress them appropriately.
When you are all rugged up, even if it's all in black, you can still add interesting details and colourful accents via nail colours, nail art, patterned tights, a statement ring, a beautiful brooch, a silk scarf or an eye catching hair clip.

5. Finishing touches are also first impressions. Make them count.
An elegant coat can make all the difference to your outfit. Though it might be the last think you put on it's the first thing others will see when you make an entrance. Also, Autumn is a fantastic season with beauty all around, wear a fabulous warm coat, hold your head high and enjoy being outdoors, seeing and being seen!

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