Re-Opening Party! Date TBC

*Update* Our Crowdfunder has now ended so ticket sales have ceased. Those of you who have bought tickets, thank you very much! We will be in touch when we have more details.

Lockdown is still in full swing here in the UK but that doesn't mean we can't start planning our re-opening party! 

Given the circumstances we can't set a date just yet but we are thinking of having it on a Sunday afternoon as that seems to suit the majority of people. 

We are selling tickets to this event through our Crowdfunder page now which you can see here. Be sure to choose the £15 reward entitled '£15 Ticket to our re-opening party'. You are welcome to buy multiple tickets at once so that you can bring friends and family along or alternatively send them the link directly so that they can purchase their own or support us in another way. You could even purchase tickets and gift them to others!


Once we can set a date we will be in touch with all of the details but rest assured it will be one heck of a knees up!

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