Sydney's Blog: What to Wear to Goodwood Revival?

It's that time again! Every year at Revival we get dozens of customers, some months in advance and some the weekend before, who come in saying "Help! I need a fabulous outfit for Goodwood!" It's an event that you need to look authentic, but also want to be comfortable enough to last the whole day with (relatively) low fuss. 

I've been thinking about the perfect outfit for Goodwood. even though I can't go because of a family event (sad face!), and I've found a few pieces that I'll be sure to recommend to any excited Revival-attendee. 

Behold my perfect Goodwood ensemble!

When you're looking for shoes for Goodwood, you need a pair that's comfortable and reliable, and what better pair than our world exclusive colour combo of Balboa!? The red and ivory combo is oh-so-retro and happens to go perfectly with our uber-popular red dandelion Emily & Fin dress! This comfy dress honestly feels like you're wearing a cloud, and it has pockets (!!) for extra cool points. If the weather's likely to be chilly, it's easy to layer on a lightweight cardi in red or cream without spoiling the look. 

Add the finishing touches of a red kelly bag and a cute spotty umbrella (more colours available in store or by phone), and you're all set! Then it's just hair - I suggest a 40s style queue curl or similar for this look - and makeup, and you'll be strutting down the Revival high street like you own the place!


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