The Perfect Pencil Skirt For You

Our Pall Mall skirt is back in charcoal AND a new blue colour AND in an extended size range (UK 6-UK 30)!

Now for those of you who don't know, Pall Mall is part of our Revival Retro Own Range which is sustainable vintage style clothing that's made right here in Britain, locally in London. We're influenced by vintage but design for our customers and their modern day needs with a focus on making minimal impact on people and planet. You can view our current in stock pieces here, including matching jackets for the skirts. 

sustainable vintage style clothing

So what makes it so perfect?!

For starters it has a generous hip to waist ratio. We know how annoying it is having to size up in something to fit your hips just to have it baggy on the waist. In our experience this is so common we were shocked we weren't able to find a pencil skirt that catered to curves without being made from a stretch fabric. Which is why we set out to make our own and are proud to now offer a solution.

sustainable vintage style clothing made for curves 

Of course if you're more straight up and down you don't need to miss out. It's super easy to adjust the hips and you most likely won't need to touch the waistband or hem so it will be a quick job too.

The fabric we've used is our tried and tested machine washable Italian wool mix. Yup, that's right, you can throw it in the washing machine. We searched all over for a machine washable wool because whilst a high wool content was important to us (this fabric is 50% wool, 30% poly and 20% cotton: 70% natural!), easy care instructions were too. We want you to wear your Pall Mall again and again, not wear it once in a blue moon because it's too much hassle to clean. 

 sustainable vintage style clothing

Speaking of practicality, the pleat on the back doesn't just add interest, it serves a purpose too. The generous pleat allows you to move unrestricted without sacrificing silhouette. If you've ever worn a pencil skirt that you struggled to walk up stairs in, or couldn't stride in or even get in and out of cars with ease in, you'll know what we mean. Thankfully you don't need to give any of that a second thought when you're wearing Pall Mall.

sustainable vintage style clothing

When we produce something, we want you to have it for years. One way to help a garment last as long as possible is to line it. Adding a lining to our Pall Mall protects the wool fabric, helps to retain the shape and gives you a little extra comfort. Due to the fitted shape the lining needed to have some give which meant our usual lining wasn't suitable so we sourced a lining with a little stretch which has worked out perfectly. 

 sustainable vintage style clothing

Of course Pall Mall also looks flipping fabulous! Whether you wear it with flats for the office or heels for the evening, Pall Mall will have you feeling your best, especially when those compliments come rolling in. We've seen it styled casual with jumpers, smart with jackets and sexy with blouses. It really is incredibly versatile, you will never tire of wearing of it.

So there you have it; the perfect pencil skirt for you.

sustainable vintage style clothing

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