Plus Size Bridesmaid Shopping in London

Did you know that at Revival we stock from a UK 6 up to 28?

At Revival we understand that finding bridesmaids dresses (especially if you have many) can be a nightmare if you want them all looking consistent. Especially if you also want them in dresses that are special and a bit different!

Plus size Vintage Bridesmaid dress made in Britain

As we know, people come in all different shapes and sizes. Finding something to not only suit everyone, but that everyone is also happy wearing can be difficult. Plus size bridesmaid dresses can often just be a smaller size 'scaled up'- and we know that frequently that approach just doesn't work, particularly for ladies who aren't blessed with height the way they are with curves.


If you are determined to have all your ladies in the same dress, your size 8 bridesmaid can wear the same dress as your size 18 bridesmaid. (And if that doesn't work, we frequently have the same fabric colour in a different shape so you can at least match that way.) and all look and feel fabulous.

Plus Size vintage shopping

Not every plus size bridesmaid wants to wear a pencil or wiggle shape, so that's why we also have a range of A-line and full skirts. What about a gorgeous A-line dress like this 1940s dress below? Sizes go up to a 24!

Plus Size Vintage Bridesmaid dress

We’re very passionate about body positivity and we like to think we cater for almost anyone regardless of body shape or height. We have a number of different colours, patterns, styles, lengths and designs we have means that most people visit us and find something that they fall in love with. Not only that, we also know an excellent local seamstress who can help you achieve the perfect fit for your dream bridesmaid dress.

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