New Chie Mihara at Revival Retro for SS18

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Ohhhh Chie. Chie, Chie Chie. How we love your shoes!

We have 7 new styles in total this season, so shoe addicts can weep/rejoice as you see fit.

Let's start with the two flat sandals, Volet and Vonsai


Volet is in a lovely sandy grey suede and metallic spotted tone silver textured leather, which will go with utterly everything. That's the beauty of metallics! The Vonsai is a mustard caramel suede with a front motif that reminds me of a mid century leaf design.


is a low heel in a metallic silver and just a gorgeous t-bar sandal. Look at it! Look! Behold the dreamy 1930s styling! Again, a metallic that will go with anything, and may be particularly good for anyone looking for unusual wedding shoes. As it has a cage toe cover it will be tremendously versatile. If you can only treeat yourself to one from the new collection and you want maximum wearability, it's this one or the Basi, in my opinion. (Scroll down for that one)

Next is Blossom, in a vibrant lipstick red.  A slightly higher heel but with a secret platform, they look higher then they actually feel. Those of you who missed out on the famous 'apple pie' shoes from last summer will want to snap this up immediately!

The Ebisa is a deep pomegranate burgundy, again with a secret platform, and with a similar design at the toe like the Vonsai. This style is ideal for a slightly wider foot as the suede will soften and stretch beautifully to accommodate you.

The Basi is a beautiful combination of shade of dusky blue. I like the thin strap detailing at the front, it gives it an architectural feel. A blue shoe is discreet and elegant, and ideal for every day wear because there's the level of quality of detail you would expect from a Chie Mihara, but it's less eye catching than the brighter colours. If you can only afford one shoe this season, it's either the Nenu or this, I reckon.

The final shoe is the Emai. And it's definitely a heart breaker. I mean look at it! It's like a tick list of shoe porn! Orthopedic sole! Secret platform so the heel isn't so high! Shades of orange! Architectural-slash-deco-slash-thirties-slash-seventies-slash-shut-up-and-get-on-my-feet! Yum.

You can shop all Chie Mihara styles here.
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