Meet Your New Favourite Handbag

There's a reason whenever we show this bag to customers they ALWAYS say "Yes! I need that! Now! Gimme!!", and sometimes even buy it in multiple colours - that's because the Kelly Bag so darn cute! It's like love at first sight, truly.

The design is simple but so lovely and just too easy to grab-and-go with whatever you happen to be wearing that day. It's that prefect little vintage-y bag that you always knew existed but could never find. Well, you found it!


Coming in different colours over time, you're sure to find one that suits your wardrobe colour palette. Or, with it at just £39, you could just get them all for good measure! We've seen that happen enough times to know that we've found a bag that's truly special. 

You can hold it by the handle and swing it 'round oh-so-cutely, or you can opt for the detachable skinny shoulder strap and make it a hands-free cross body. On the inside, you can fit just about everything you'd need on a day out, plus extra, and there's even a zipped pouch in the middle that will fit phone, keys, credit cards... and anything else that you inevitably lose fishing around in your bottomless tote bag. 

It's the little accessory that you'll place on the table at dinner just so you can admire it more. It's even perfect for special occasions, and a nice substitute of the fancy evening clutch with no strap that you'll get tired of holding.

So, what are you waiting for? Better snap one up before we sell out for the third time! 
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