Hanne's Heaven: Aviator Shoes by Re-Mix Vintage Shoes

While I know they say that you shouldn't wear new shoes on a day you're going to be out long, I couldn't resist with the Aviators by Re-Mix Vintage Shoes.

May 17th is Constitution Day in Norway, where I was born and raised. In 1814, Norway's union with Denmark was dissolved, and we were at last our own independent country. Sort of. We were still technically in a union with Sweden, but we had our own king and constitution, so we consider that to be our day of independence. Sort of like the 4th of July in America, but with less fireworks.

For it, I wanted to wear one of my favourite true vintage dresses, and pair with it red and white accessories, as the Norwegian flag is red, white and blue. Therefore I chose to go with my Emmy Design Sweden Delightful Daytime cardigan in cream, and my Re-Mix Vintage Aviator heels.

I had a wonderful day, first celebrating in Southwark park where they had a special celebration for the day, and then after I went out to Kew Gardens to enjoy the sunshine and the newly reopened Temperate House.

All in all a wonderful day, spending nearly 12 hours on my feet all together. And best of all? My feet only started being sore near the end, though I'm quite sure that would have been the case regardless of the shoes I chose to war.

Pretty good for a first wear, eh?

Hanne x

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