Fantastic 20s Clothes/Dresses/Suits and Where to Find Them

We are terribly excited about the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. As it's based in 1926 of course all the Revival Retro Team have been scouring the internet for pictures of what 20s clothes the characters are wearing.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 1926

Certainly 1920s fashion inspiration has played it's part but it is also clear that the costume design is grounded in the production values of the film. Don't expect much in the way of fabulous 1920s dresses, do expect men's suits and practical women's clothing that weaves colour and texture throughout the story.

I have only seen the trailer for Fantastic Beasts so far (I'm writing this in eager anticipation of the films release tomorrow 18 November. But what I'm going to be lusting over is those fabulous coats. Just look at them!

20s clothes

Personally, my 20s style is closest to Porpentina's look. A stylish pair of trousers and a beautiful blouse is exactly what you would find at Revival Retro in London. 1920s Coats are great  but we can definitely recommend a fantastic 20s cloche hat.

dress like Porpentina - where to find the look

At Revival Retro you will also find some stunning sequin and beaded 1920s dresses. There is only the tiniest glimpse of 1920s nightlife after all this is a JK Rowling adaption not a Baz Luhrman extravaganza but there certainly looks like there will be a little bit of glitz. Any excuse for a beautiful 1920s party dress. I couldn't find an image but certainly in the trailer I saw a glimpse of something with similar detail to our Cleopatra 1920s dress.

1920s dress


Lastly, I can't sign off without a mention of the men's tweed suits. The outstanding array of vintage style 2 piece, 3 piece and coordinated mens 20s clothing in the movie.

where to find 20s clothes

If you want to recreate this style then know that you can also find fantastic 1920s clothes for men at Revival Retro as well.

Mens Suit Vintage Tweed

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