Emmy Spring - Create a capsule wardrobe!

Do you hear the birds twittering? The blue skies calling? Smell that freshly cut green grass. Ah... It's time to step outside and while we may not be able to travel far, there is plenty of adventure to have even if it's just at the bottom of the garden and Emmy's got just the outfit for it! 

Time for tea?

Dainty features and delicate prints are personally a welcome sight after a year of joggers and hoodies. It's time to have some fun! And the Lovey-Dovey dress is the perfect place to start. 

Green dress 
The faintest of ruffles add an extra piece of whimsy and is very flattering across the collar. (We recommend wearing a slip underneath as it is quite sheer.)
This light dotted celadon print is also available in this Preppy Professor Shirt.
This Charleston Blouse is also a delightful option for adding a flourish of Spring to your outfit. 
Elegant Linens
If frills aren't quite your style and you fancy something a little more clean cut, then take a look at these sophisticated linen options. 
Mix and match these jackets, palazzo pants, skirts and vests in as many ways as you like. Perfect for creating a capsule wardrobe or packing for a staycation. (They also go great with our Own Range Plymouth shorts!)
 Linen palazzo pants
These Casual Camisoles are perfect for layering and mixing up these linen separates!
And last but not least...
The super snazzy Gentlewoman's waistcoat and Miss Fancy Pants Slacks in navy cotton. 
Blue waistcoat
This perfectly tailored waistcoat even comes with a little pocket for your pocket watch!
Blue high waist trousers
Always a classic and authentic outfit - make sure to add a pair of braces to your order to complete the look!

Looking for the latest on Emmy's famous knitwear? Read this blog about what's in the boutique here.

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