Dear Santa...

...I've been ever so good this year (like I am every year of course!) and would be thrilled to find some vintage style jewellery under the Christmas tree please! 


Let's start with the brooches.  I love a good brooch.  It can simply be the finishing touch to an outfit or you could use it to fasten a cardigan or decorate a scarf with.  They're really quite versatile! 

This Art Deco Jewellery Empire Brooch is handmade right here in London and one of my favourites in the boutique.

A stunning design that would work well on a little black dress; team it with some diamante earrings and you're good to party!  

This Vintage Style Brooch Pretty Peacock has such beautiful colours in it that it would work best on a plain coloured dress.  

Though it goes perfectly with my forrest green Emmy cardigan so I could definitely have him as my go to everyday brooch.

Recently I've found myself in love with dangly earrings.  I'm not sure what kick started it but I'd love to have more!

Both of the above, Shanghai Lantern Earrings and Lucky Horseshoe Coin Earrings, are handmade embossed compacted leather so are incredibly light.  They add just the right amount of glamour without being over the top so they could be worn everyday, not just in the evening.  Versatility for the win!

Lastly I'm drooling over these Retro Style Earring Diamante Wing.

Just look at them!  These would be my Christmas Day earrings.  They catch the light so well!  And the colour is just beautiful.  I'm a sucker for green but so obviously I've chosen the Emerald Green ones, but if green isn't your thing, they also come in Deep Amethyst and Smokey Diamond.

Have you got your Christmas wish list sorted yet?  Why not view all our Vintage Jewellery HERE and send some subtle hints to friends and family.  I'm sure they'd appreciate the links, mine definitely do!

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