This Silk Slip Slips A Spring in Your Step...

I have a drawer full of vintage slips that are polyester-tastic. They are sweet, and I love them and all... but my world has forever been changed by the arrival of our silk slip and cami collection. It makes me feel as though I am starring in my own chocolate advert! You need one of these in your life. Seriously.

 Click here for a closer look.


Wearing under-slips is a grown up fact of life. Perhaps you get cold easily and need an extra layer, or your skirt is prone to whipping over your head at the slightest breeze, or the thought of anyone accidentally glimpsing some thigh, any time, at any angle fills you with dread? 

I started off with a cami and wore it as extra layer under one of my blouses, and, silly as it may sound, it gave me a secret thrill all day. It just felt so silky and indulgent against my skin, and I was in a ridiculously good mood. Having made the decision to treat myself to one, I felt buoyant and confident. I am a woman deserving of silk! Do you hear that, world?!

I have now progressed onto the utterly sumptuous Silk Slip with Eyelash Lace. And oh my. Talk about level up in luxury! The colour is a subtle and yet dramatic blue, and the delicacy of the black lace on top adds a delicacy that denies the fact I am currently obsessed with stomping about in ankle boots.

It's perfect to wear under any wrap dresses, as it's a short length but has the essentials covered. I also adore how light and yet luxurious it feels underneath a knit dress. It feels sexy but is also ridiculously practical. I love that contrast!

Treat yourself to one by clicking here.

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