New Year, New You, New Winter Shoes!

Do you know what I love more than new shoes? That's right, legitimate reasons to buy them. (Ladies across the land will be nodding with me on this one.) 

Here are my top reasons for why you need new shoes this new year.

Two colours means twice the wearing! The Moscato is a stable heel at a great price. I think the contrast of the burgundy against the tan makes it a really classic shoe you can wear again and again. It's cut neatly below the ankle so you can wear with skirts and dresses as well as trousers, without looking clompy.

Pick up a pair of Moscato now!


They are sweet enough for work and play. The two toned Tan Matrix heel is related to the Moscato in its shape and fit, but is a different look entirely as it has this fabulous texture across the middle section. It's a great work shoe and will work with navy and black, as well as browns.

Nab some Matrix heels here!


They are pretty as well as practical. Rubbish in heels? Don't sweat it, sugar! Take the Williamsburg brogue, for example. Brogues are a bit ten-a-penny these days, but this style (available in 3 colours, no less) manages to be pretty, comfortable and a bit different without distracting. In my mind, proof that they are deserving of your tootsies is the fact every member of staff here has a least one pair. Wear with a pencil skirt or high waisted trousers.

Snap up a pair of Williamburgs here!

They are a wardrobe staple you didn't even know you needed. Now, I'm a fully paid up able boot addict (I still have my first ever pair of Doc Martens, amongst others!), and I genuinely believe you can never have too many boots. They keep your ankles warmer, for a start!

I think my favourite aspect to the Jerome Boot (after having worn mine a considerable amount), is that they are so light and not chunky. They are leather uppers but a synthetic sole, which is the secret to them not weighing you down when you've got a long day on your feet. I also really appreciate the removable ankle strap, which means I can play about with how utilitarian they can look.

Have a closer look at Jerome here!

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