Dress Crush: Havana Nights by Pin Up Couture

The Havana Nights dress is my new dress crush. Why? Because it is feminine, comfortable and versatile. 

Made by Pin Up Couture, the Havana Nights is one of their best selling shapes of all time. Pin Up are known internationally for their body positive and size inclusive ranges, and I'm thrilled we have this style in sizes 8 to 18. Pin Up is a relatively new company for us, so if you like it- or want a larger range of sizes or styles, just let us know! 



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Now, first up is the colour. So gorgeous and vibrant! I’m rarely out of my uniform of mustards and browns these days. However, this shade of blue is just so wonderful I’m finding it harder to resist with every lady who skips out of the shop with one in a bag. We’ve called it midnight blue, but it’s a kind of sapphire royal blue, made vibrant by the soft satiny finish on the fabric.


Second up, IT HAS POCKETS! And not token gestures either. Deep enough to hold secrets, dance cards, phone numbers from interested individuals….!


Thirdly the fit is excellent. It’s a slightly generous fit, so some ladies have been able to drop a dress size just by trying it, and the waist actually sits on my waist!

Also- can we just take a moment to appreciate how fun the skirt is!? Swoosh!! (Add the fact that it comes with a belt to help cinch in the waist, and we have ourselves a winner!)


Side note on the fit: ladies who are busty will want to order the larger of the two sizes they fit and cinch with the belt. Petite and curvaceous babes may need to have a little bit of the length of the shoulder straps taken in a smidge- easily done by an alterations station at a dry cleaners. Having said that, Sydney, who is the blonde in the picture above, is a pint-sized princess! She found that her ample bosom cancelled out the need to alter the shoulders- so bear these things in mind.


Finally, let’s touch on the versatility of this beaut. Want to wear it for a party? Combine with a red cardigan, some super fun party shoes, sparkly red jewellery and a massive flower. Done! (Modelled below by Jasmine, and rocking the look I must say!)


Want to wear it for a wedding? Reach for the cream and gold accessories and let the colour of the dress do all the talking. I personally think the gold Ritz heel, gold Phone Charging Purse (pretty and practical, yesss!) and a cream Lightweight Cardigan is where it’s at.


Want to wear it because the day ends in a Y and good grief, it’s too adorable not to? That’s my girl! (You could totally rock it for #FabFriday- read my blog on that here) Keep it sweet and simple- and bright! Play with your colours! If it were me I’d weasel some mustard in there. Mustard Alberta bag, mustard cardi, some sweet little earrings like these Flower Studs, and the It Girl shoes.

Have a closer look at the Havana Nights here

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