A Classy Halloween Outfit - Make it a 1920s Halloween Party

 Charlotte guides you through the style minefield that is your Halloween outfit (we don't use the word costume here!), and proves that classy Halloween is possible with the 1920s Prohibition dress. Don't believe us? Read on!                                                                                                                 


Ok, so Halloween might not immediately put you in mind of classiness, but I feel like we, as ladies with style and panache, have moved past the ‘draw whiskers on my face in eyeliner and call me a cat’ phase. So, this year, I’m suggesting your Halloween outfit pays an homage to the classiest decade there is; the 1920s. 

The prohibition dress (click here to see on our online shop), which comes in a suitably bloody burgundy, subverts the usual 1920s dress shape in that it really suits curves. I just love the way the fabric drapes at the back, revealing that little bit of lace. Your Halloween outfit has just gone from frightful to fabulous and, at a cheeky £130 it’s just a great thing to have in the wardrobe for cocktail parties, Christmas drinks and fabulous dances. 
To see the dress in action, check out our 1920s Charleston video- it’s modelled by the gorgeous Vicci Moore, who's suitably vamp with her coiffed black 'do.
Shoes should be comfortable and complimentary to the dress’s gorgeously rich colour. The balboa shoes in gold (again, modelled by Vicci in our vid), are just timelessly stylish and you’ll find you wear them again and again.
Make-up should be dramatic, but not over the top. If you’re pale, emphasise this slightly by using a foundation one shade lighter than you would normally use (unfortunately, I literally can’t do this, so I’m opting for just concealing my freckles for the night). If you’re dark skinned, blush your cheeks in a deep shade with hints of plum to really bring out those cheekbones.
Eyes should be smoky matt black or charcoal, which is not only suitably vamp, it’s also a look made popular in the 20s, and lips should have a pronounced cupid’s bow. Instead of reaching straight for your favourite shade of red, go for a deep wine, purple or brown.
And what Halloween outfit (or any outfit for that matter) is complete without some accessories? Pop on a peacock feather headband , some black elbow length gloves and some Gothic style earrings (based on the architectural style, not the subculture) and you’re every bit the femme fatale. 
Honestly, you’re going to look so good, you’ll start dressing like this all the time. Which will certainly turn a few heads at the office.
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