40s Clothing | New Exclusive Spring Trouser

One of my favourite 40s clothing styles is a pair of high waist, wide leg, trousers. They are so practical and superbly flattering on my hourglass figure. If you are a similar shape to me I urge you to try these ones! You won't be disappointed.

1940s trouser high waist wide leg



We stock a wide array of wide leg trousers through the seasons but this particular 40s style is fast becoming one of our year round staples. It's a beautiful cut creating a streamline silhouette also it's a  lovely fabric and well made with attention to detail. A high quality 1940s style trouser.  At Revival Retro we are less about the price tag and more about value and I can tell you these 1940s wide leg trousers are a great investment.


I've worn mine almost every day since getting them! The first time I washed them I was all ready to do my loathsome ironing, when .... low and behold I discovered they drip dry!!! Out of the washing machine quick, smart, on a hanger and I didn't even have to battle to get the iron out the cupboard!! Really, I hate ironing. I now love these trousers even more.



 Something else I don't particularly love - being in front of a camera. Oh my gosh making this video was like torture for me but these trousers were just so good, I couldn't NOT show you!

Now let's talk about the colour. Just perfect for Spring, isn't it! I'm calling it mulberry. Some said lavender but there is neither a pink nor blue tinge, I also thought lilac might be a misleading description as this is not a bright colour, it's very muted. It's a greyish matt purple or ...mulberry!

We have some new scarves in store and I think this pink blue and ivory one hanging on the door in the photo below helps register the colours. It also beautifully contrasts and compliments this outfit.


40s clothing


The mulberry colour is exclusive to our boutique. We collaborated with Vecona Vintage on this special Spring colour solely for our customers at Revival Retro Boutique. There are only a limited number so if you see your size available grab it while you can. We plan to do other special editions through the seasons.

To complete the outfit I recommend one of our blouses; either the Pussy Bow Blouse or the Side Tie Style. Complete with some vintage shoes, the Balboa in Ivory and Tan and you have the perfect pairing! (Links will take you to specific items if they are still in stock but we will always have variations on a theme just look in the relevant sections).


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