The Judy Dress- A Fantastic Forties Inspired All-Rounder

Hey Jude! As you know, we love navy at Revival Retro and often feature it in both our evening and day styles. It’s a great alternative to black, which can wash out many complexions. We also love flattering, easy to wear, feminine day dresses. And we love stylish floral prints and red belts and sweetheart necklines and sleeves and slightly A-line silhouettes (breathe). It would be too greedy to expect all this from one dress, right? Wrong!


The Judy dress is the ultimate day dress. It suits pretty much everyone as the fabric skims over the hips and tummy area, disguising any unwanted wobbliness, and the sleeves are the perfect length for those of us who feel a bit self-conscious about our upper arms. We’ve found it is particularly good on pear shapes as the puff sleeves balance out your figure. Our model, Alex, is slightly pear shaped and doesn’t it look just adorable on her? It has just the right amount of 1940s inspired feel to it without feeling too stylised.  LOVE!


Now let’s talk about that belt. It’s detachable so you can wear it with whatever you want, and as it’s woven, it’s fully size adjustable so it will go over your thicker Winter clothes or stylish layers. As well as that, because it’s detachable, you can pair the Judy dress itself with other belts to compliment your shoes and accessories. It looks fab with any pop of colour- try the It Girl shoes by Remix, a yellow shoulder bag and belt for a bright, sunny look.


And how could we talk about this dress without talking about the amazing print?! I just love how it is slightly tropical without being gaudy. I can just imagine sitting by a restaurant on a balmy Hawaiian evening sipping cocktails with a handsome beau (a girl can dream can’t she?) And, as the weather gets slightly colder, pair it with a 1940s inspired cropped cardigan and it transforms into a fabulous skirt.

Seriously, this dress is so good that Rowena, the company’s owner, leapt on one as soon as it came through the door. (And she is super picky about her wardrobe, believe me. She is also notoriously camera shy so I don't have a picture to show you I'm afraid) and I have it on good authority that she regularly gets complimented on it when she’s wearing it (mainly because I’m one of the many doing the complimenting).

So many of our customers have been so surprised at how easy to wear it is. Here's the lovely Juliette wearing the Judy dress at a wedding. She sent us this pic through Instagram. Isn't it fab? (We welcome you to do the same- we're @RevivalRetro)

So come on ladies, let’s don a red heel and some lipstick and turn some heads!

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