What to Wear to Ladies Day



Have you got a Ladies Day event to go to? Are you fretting about frocks? Dizzied by dress codes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

First of all, let's think about what your day will *actually* entail: Lots of sitting down? Walking around on grass or uneven surfaces? Will you be inside all day, or do we need a plan for if it's cold and / or rainy?
Next up, lets be honest about what you’re comfortable in. If you live in flat shoes or trainers, now is not the time to break out the high heels!
Finally, what is the dress code? What to wear to ladies day is often guided by annoyingly vague dress codes such as ‘smart’ or ‘smart-casual’. Alternatively the list of rules is so long and tedious, it can be tricky.
No matter which Ladies Day you are attending, the Rules of thumb are :
  • No spaghetti straps, sheer straps, off the shoulder or one shouldered garments.
  • No bare midrift.
  • Yes to knee length skirts, dresses, or full length trousers.

With this in mind, let’s talk dresses. Specifically, the radiant Beila Dress.




The Beila Dress is a gorgeous shape, and because she is a monochromatic palette, you can wear her with anything. Don’t be fooled by the playful simplicity of this dress, there’s a lot of flattering things going on here. The knee length pencil shaped skirt has two curved and ruched panels, which smooth the tummy. The top is sleeveless (but enough to cover the tops of your shoulders), and the neckline is a super flattering deep sweetheart shape, with overlapping panels. I think my favourite details, though, are the bows on the front of the arms. They provide enough texture that they draw the eye up and so lengthen the body.

Black and white is one of the easiest colour themes to accessorise, so you have no excuses to be anything less than fabulously coordinated!

Keep it simple with the two-tone Lillie heel or black Simone Shoe, the black Salina Cardigan or Fab 40s cardigan, and a touch of sparkle with the Lula or Margaret jewellery and the glamourous Shell Clutch!

The Chester sandal in bone or the ivory Lille are great shoes for this, or if you prefer a lower heel, have a look at the Janet or the Matis in taupe. Add the ivory Salina cardigan and a gorgeous pearl necklace, and voilá! Effortless!

… Let me be honest though. What I really want you to do with this dress, is have fun with some bright accessories. We’ve got some gorgeous shades of shoes in at the moment so there’s no excuse to let your playful side out! Start with the shoes and accessories, and then you’ll know what colours you need in your hat. Simple!

  • Keen as mustard? It Girl and Juliette will be that spicy and sunny colour kick you need. Yes, the Salina cardigan comes in mustard yellow too.
  • Need a day-to-night look?  You’ll want a comfortable party shoe. Say hello to the Balboa heel in gold!  Add a matching Envelope clutch and a sparkly necklace, and you are ready for apres-event cocktails.
  • Scarlet woman? Eva, Juliette, or Anita will tick your box! Combine with a red Mighty Purse, red nails and a red lip for dramatic punctuation. If you’re accenting with red, wear with a pearl necklace but sparkly earrings. Classy but still sexy.
  • Green goddess? The Chester sandal in mint or the Eva in green will do you right. Our Pacific Opal coloured jewellery will help you bring fresh accents of colour. Don’t be afraid to do the whole caboodle of necklace, earrings and bracelet. If that feels a bit much, swap the earrings for a plain diamante stud and wear the matching hairslides instead.
  • True blue? We have an ocean of shades to chose from. The Bloomsbury heel or the Matis in aqua can be mix and matched with the Casablanca Cardigans in turquoise or navy, depending on the colour pop you want. I love the vine knit detailing on these.

So there you have it- one dress and plenty of ways to wear it! And before you ask, no I can’t come and dress you on the day…!

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