What to wear to a hot date?

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What to wear to a hot date? It’s going really well. You are totally into this. Things are progressing. Tonight you want to look sensational. You want to feel sexy. Dammit, you are sexy! You are hot! You are amazing! Yes, you are!

Wear any of these dresses with confidence and a smile, and you will be hot to trot!

What to wear to a hot date? The Missy Dress will look after all your curves:

Photography: Hugo Glendinning

Curvy girls have it all don’t they? Voluptuous, feminine,sexy. The Missy Dress flatters the female body with its artful tailoring. It shows off your curves – it will even give you some if you don’t have any!

Some curvy girls might argue they don’t have the best figure; they criticise their bum- ‘too big’, they ‘have a tummy’, etc. etc., but we all have our body issues and that’s why at Revival Retro we seek to find you the dress in which you are confident and comfortable – that’s what’s sexy!

Many of our dresses are made of a quality stretch material that almost acts like shapewear. Not only are these dresses designed well to flatter different figures, they offer control as well, without having to wear Bridget Jones style big unsexy pants! So, if you’re wondering ‘what to wear to a hot date?’, then let us help you find the right dress. In our boutique we recommend you try on several in order for us to guide you to the right one. All are slightly different, as they might be designed for an hourglass, pear or apple shape. It’s like kissing frogs, but much more fun!

Tory Smith Photography

It doesn’t have to be red, though. Little Black Dresses are sleek and sophisticated with discreet sex appeal. Monochrome can really stand out when you’re holding a bunch of red roses!!!

What to wear to a hot date can depend on the venue of course, but what to do if you don’t know where you are being taken? (Or you simply don’t know what the dress code will be.) Well, we’ve shown you here some of our favourite dresses, ones which are classy, understated sexy, chic verging upon glamorous. You can amp up or tone down your look using make up and accessories, and they can be changed in a quick trip to the cloakroom / toilet if you think you’ve misjudged it.

Carry a glamorous bag, not your tiniest clutch. Yes you need phone, keys, cards but we also recommend

  • 2 shades of lipstick, a strong sensuous red and your favourite shade that you feel pretty in no matter what
  • gloves, black, elbow length and a diamanté bracelet. A fantastic means of adding glamour to your look but easily whipped off and put in a bag if you feel they are OTT. They need not be wasted, if your hot date moves on later, gloves can be a great prop, as well as being useful to stay warm as you go from location to location!
  • Statement diamanté earrings to match the bracelet. Your sultry flowing locks can quickly be scooped up into a classic up do if that’s whats required and some statement earrings could help distract from this perhaps having been done in a bit of a rush. You can look forward to letting your hair down later.

Remember, getting ready is half the fun! Take your time and enjoy it. Don’t leave it until the last minute, decide on your dress in advance and make sure you give yourself enough time to get there without undoing all your good work.

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Enjoy your hot date now you know what to wear!

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