A practical and stylish gem.

Now, how can item of clothing be both playful & sophisticated?! How did they do that? The gorgeous red Arden Pantsuit is both those things, & sexy to boot.

Not too revealing, not too conservative. It doesn't push any limits but it will push certain buttons. It's stand out enough to deserve a compliment but not remarkable enough to suggest you tried too hard.

This pant suit speaks effortless chic. Just pop it on & that’s it, you’re dressed. It’s that simple.

Retro Clothing for the Modern Woman

This simple all in one is amazingly versatile:

If you need an outfit to take you from work to a dinner date (sound’s like an article in Cosmopolitan…) this is it. This pant suit is sophisticated for work but, ditch the smart jacket, change shoes, throw on some jewellery, a spritz of perfume &, feeling fabulous sat on a bar stool basking in the attention of friends, lovers, or both, in no time at all.

It’s super comfy too. When my aunt was on a recent visit from Ireland she decided she wanted to ‘do’ London. Well, I wore my pantsuit from dawn til dusk, & beyond. We traipsed all over this fair city &, whilst playing Tour Guide may have rubbed somewhat, I can assure you the Arden did not.

Stop Staring Arden Pantsuit

I'd definitely recommend it be one of the main items you pack for your holiday too. It's sleeveless so fantastic for warmer climates but just take a cardigan for cooler evenings. . Easy to dress up for going out somewhere nice but comfortable enough for sitting around in all day just watching the world go by. 

A practical & stylish gem! BUY THE ARDEN PANT SUIT in red and turquoise available subject to availability.

The Arden is our summer pantsuit for our 2016 collection, but watch out for new season variations in future.


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