Women's Whisky Tasting to Toast St Andrew's Day - Wed 27 Nov

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 Have you ever been told that whisky is a "man's drink?" Or been poked fun at for adding water? Well those people are fools! And you'll find out why at Whisky Club. 

As a toast to St Andrew's Day we are holding a whisky tasting on Wednesday 27th November 2019 with special guest and whisky connoisseur Avril Poole!

Avril presents all over the UK and specialises in training brand ambassadors on the history whisky and tastings. She also loves coming up with food and whisky pairing so quiz her about that! And now she has curated a selection of whiskies especially for you to try at Revival Retro. Not only does she have great taste and immense knowledge, she is very passionate about discussing the history of women in the industry. 

Scottish Whisky Tasting

Half of the Revival Retro team hail Scottish ancestry and for a long time have been fond of a wee dram. Between us we've probably visited most of the distilleries in Scotland, which is a lot of distilleries!

And yet, along the way though we have definitely been subject to some casual male chauvinism when it comes to whisky; we often feel inhibited at 'masterclasses' and have even been relegated to the 'wives table'. 

The idea of our initial St Andrew's Day tasting is a beginner level introduction to whisky. You will be able to taste a range of different whiskies from the highlands and islands that will clue you in to just how broad the Scottish whisky landscape is.


womens whisky tasting


No prior knowledge of whisky or whisky tasting is needed! Just come along if you want to find out more or try something new.

The event will be held in our central London independent shop, The Revival Retro Boutique. It will most likely be a mix of Team Revival, enthusiastic customers and their friends.

Date for your diary: Wednesday 27th November 2019. 7-9pm 

Tickets in advance. Buy now.

This event is for women and their invited male guests. If we get enough interest we will turn this one off event into 'Whisky Club' a semi regular occurrence where we can improve our knowledge and sample a greater range by partnering with some amazing women working in the Whisky industry. We will be really eager to hear what you want after attending this inaugural event.


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