Royal Vintage Shoes AW18 Preview Party | 30 Aug

This blog is from 2018. Royal Vintage are sadly no more. Please view our other vintage inspired shoes here.

Royal Vintage Shoes are gaining quite the following and we want to show you why.

Fantastic vintage style shoes that are well made, comfortable and will withstand a northern winter.

Royal Vintage Shoes

Yes “winter is coming”. It’s time to think about next seasons footwear and planning for the colder weather.


At Revival Retro we excel in beautiful vintage shoes for every occasion but what about everyday? This is where Royal Vintage Shoes come into their own. Practical, stylish, closed toe shoes in beautiful colours for Autumn. Come see!


The collection will be available from late September but we are having a preview party of styles GRETA, ALICE and ASPEN at your dedicated UK stockist, Revival Retro, in London. We have had a small number of shoes air freighted early so you can try them on and confidently order the size you need.


Firstly we will be introducing the Aspen Boot: Come and see it in glorious two tone burgundy and black.


Then let's get you acquainted with Alice and show you her in classic black and beautiful nutmeg.


Last but not least there is the stunning Greta with her beautiful button detail. Our favourite is burgundy because it matches much of our Autumn collection.



Pay £5 for your party ticket and get £10 off your shoe order plus the assurance that you have picked the right pair for you. Come and see us on Thursday.


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