Central London Beginners Wine Club - 5 DEC

Thanks to all who came to my first wine club on 30 October. This is Rowena, owner of Revival Retro and when I'm not running my small business I love drinking wine. You know who else likes drinking wine? Lots of my customers! 

So, if you like discovering wine, you like spending time in the company of fabulous women and if you like the idea of browsing and chatting with the team at Revival Retro then join us on 5 December 2019 for the next one. Buy tickets now.



central london beginner wine club


Held in my central London boutique, Revival Retro, there were twelve of us for the inaugural wine club and all twelve of us said we wanted to be there for the next one.


It was a fun night with a relaxed vibe. Attendees got to meet likeminded lovely women and try different wines, there was even a bit of shopping that happened in this supportive, easy-going atmosphere where we were all enjoying ourselves. The shopping bit is definitely not obligatory though, after all, this is wine club!


We had decided not to have a ‘teacher’’ for the event, instead it was decided I would lead a wine club that was based on easily accessible supermarket wines priced between £6 and £16. Women would have the chance to explore one type of red and / or one type of white, comparing and contrasting different bottles to discover preferences.


Beginners wine club London


This was not a wine club with technical language or high brow insights. No spittoons and no snobbery. This was wine club for novices who want to gain insights without feeling stupid. There was a bit of talk about how we might describe what we were drinking but it mainly boiled down to individual preferences of what we liked and what we didn't. It helps people know what to buy, what they value and what they might try next.

 At the October beginner wine club in the red wine camp we explored Rioja / Tempranillo a type of wine i've drunk a lot of over the years and felt I might be able to unpick a little. I didn’t say how much each wine cost until we had tried them all and stated our preferences. It turned out the £5 Tesco bottle was more popular than the £15 M&S bottle but in the white camp that was reversed with everyone liking the more expensive £14 bottle recommended by our local wine shop, Soho Wine supply.

I had intended to keep with the Spanish theme but soon learned that good Spanish whites were not as easily accessible (I did mention this was beginner wine club and that includes me!). So I switched to a white wine I know a friend likes but I would like to learn more about, Gavi.


For the 5 December Wine club we will pick two new varieties to explore, one red and one white but we will definitely be sticking with the beginner level intro to easily accessible bottles priced between £6 and £16. Thats what attendees last time said they loved about our beginner wine club. Everyone really enjoyed the format and voted to repeat it rather than introduce more expertise and learning, at least for now.


Revival Retro Womens Wine Club London


 It's our aim to help women feel more comfortable talking about wine in company, to help them explore their 'style' preferences and gain valuable insights on what wine they enjoy that they can perhaps go out and buy for themselves or recommend to others.


If you would like to join us at our next wine club then book tickets here.

Feel free to book for and bring a friend.

Men are welcome as women's guests.

Revival Retro is a multi award winning independent shop in central London selling classic and elegant women's clothing, shoes and accessories. You will find that most of the attendees at wine club are existing customers at our store and are there for likeminded individuals who already share something in common. Don't be shy. Come and make new friends.

If you are concerned about attending on your own then email boutique@revival-retro.com when you purchase your ticket and we will make sure that either Rowena or one of the team is there to welcome you and ensure you don't feel out of place.


Beginners wine club for women


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