March Thursdate!

We're back with the next Thursdate on the 31st of March! Join us on our monthly social night, as we compare spring styles and stories about easter egg hunts! We've missed seeing you all. 

We'll have the majority of the new season goodies in store by then, so make sure you allow browsing time before we all go for cocktails... (It would be cheeky of us to say so if it wasn't so true...)

Things you'll need to see; OUR NEW SWIMWEAR!! It's from Esther Williams and SO good. SO SO good.

(Plus the new Stop Staring, New styles from Pin Up Girl, and of course, shoes from Miss L Fire and ReMix.)

We have some delectable samples for you from our fabulous friends at Kiss the Moon. (Their oils really are excellent. Go and have a look at them online to see what they're about)

Yes, gentlemen are welcome, but they must be extremely well turned out, prepared to be outnumbered and ready to get the first round in!! Sarah has promised to be sexist to you if you do come. (Gents, if you're worried your clothes aren't up to scratch go and take a look here:


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