Small Business Saturday at Revival Retro


This Small Business Saturday the owner of Revival Retro, Rowena, is reaching out to other small shops and businesses in London to invite owners and managers to share insight and experience with each other.


"We are throwing our doors open and welcoming other small businesses this Saturday from 4.30pm to come and talk to us about the challenges of retail for small independents at this time."


Whether you sell goods or services, we all face an increasingly diverse range of challenges. We barely have time in the day to keep up with our existing workload let alone research / self teach / up-skill ourselves in new areas. How do we manage?!
Small retailers are dealing with more than ever before. It’s not only accounts, HR, marketing and the like... We must now also add e-commerce, SEO, social media, brand management, technology, CRM, cloud, wifi, data mining, apps, reporting... The list is never-ending, but the resources are always finite. How do we deal with it?

Often, technology offers solutions but we are too time poor and to resource limited to even research what could make our lives easier! I'm not a ludite, in fact I'm fairly tuned in but navigating the overwhelming number of options is difficult, I would be happy to share my experience and insight with others that are willing to do the same....

My experience is that I own and run a bricks and mortar store, and we also sell online. Much of our stock is imported and we resell a number of different brands. 

Revival Retro was formed in 2009 initially as a Facebook Group! Nowadays we have an e-commerce site and use the Shopify platform to manage our inventory, synchronizing web orders with Point of Sale. We use a variety of apps and tools to manage our marketing and operations. Our customers love us, we get five star rave reviews and last month we won a Time Out London Award for Best Shop. If I sound like the type of business owner you would like to exchange ideas with, then please do come and say hello on Saturday.



I can tell you why I chose Shopify for my bricks and mortar store and online shop, and what i used along the way to arrive at that decision. I am not aligned with Shopify, I am simply their customer. I can (and will!) tell you honestly about my experience as a user, and my needs for the future.

What is your experience and who can you help? Come to our London shop on Small Business Saturday and meet other likeminded people who are interested in sharing their small business experiences.


Like many others small businesses our shop will be open for business on Small Business Saturday 5 December, and the first Saturday in December is a crucial trading day for us. We know you are in the same boat, so that’s why we are suggesting you come down any time between 4.30pm until 7.30pm. If there are still lot’s of people still chatting at that point then we will relocate to a local pub or restaurant to carry on the conversations.

Tweet Rowena your thoughts, questions and suggestions for subjects on Saturday - @RowenaHowie

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