Wishlist Wednesdays throughout November

Are you in love with our dresses? Do you really, really want one, no actually, them all? The shoes too? And not forgetting the jewellery and accessories! Then you are not alone.

Throughout November we will be running Wishlist Wednesdays. Come in the boutique, try on dresses, select your favourite and register a wish list of dresses so others may bestow gifts upon you.

We keep a note of your wishes and will do our very best to make them come true. Ours is a very personalised service where we work with you to ensure we know your favourites and we can help your nearest and dearest fulfill your exact wishes with no need for any post Christmas exchanges.

Notify any family and friends that you have a wishlist with us and we will liaise with them (secretly of course!) to fulfill your wishes. Sometimes it’s not one person buying the dress for you, it’s the whole family pitching in to get you the present you want. THis personalised wishlist will ensure no duplications or buying mishaps. You get the gift(s) that you want!

If Wishlist Wednesdays don’t work for you maybe it will help to know that we offer Revival Retro Gift Vouchers.

So go on, head over to the boutique one Wednesday. You could find the xmas party dress and accessories you want to buy yourself then set up a wishlist of all the other items you would also like to have.

Any questions? Just call the boutique on 0207 287 8709 or email boutique@revival-retro.com

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