Tues 17th Dec – Kiss Me Darling: Top Tips for Eyes, Brows and Lips

Nailing that timeless vintage look goes far beyond a slick of liquid eyeliner, especially if you’re into the pre-50s look like us gals here at Revival. What about Audrey’s eyebrows? Joan’s lashes? Greta’s lips?
This evening is dedicated to the finishing touch that is often found the hardest- but we have the makeup artist from our most popular look book yes (this season, since you ask!) booked in to give you expert know-how and tips in creating that leading lady look.


The response to our model in the gorgeous Chelsea dress was mainly to the dress, let’s be honest, but we’ve been flooded with questions about how to achieve that fresh-but-sultry make up look- and here is your chance to learn it yourself.


Arrive for a prompt 7.30 start with your makeup bag and mirror and prepare to have secrets unlocked!  Lucy will be talking you through step by step- and we encourage you to use your own makeup so you do not have to familiarise yourself with new products while you’re absorbing knowledge. She will be demonstrating on a model and talking you through the processes as they happen, so you can see how to do it and then do it yourself! You will also be given tips on skin care and how to transition makeup looks day-to-night.


Please cleanse and moisturise, and apply your base after work and before arriving. No other makeup please!
Items to bring with you:
Eyebrow pencil (black or brown)
Eye kohl pencil (black or brown)
Eyelash curlers (A MUST- available from Boots at reasonable prices. Lucy has stated they are a non-negotiable item!)
Mascara (black or brown)
Blush (colour less important, just make sure you know it works for you)
Blush brush
Lip brush
Lip pencil (to match lipstick or colourless)
Your favourite matte red lipstick (Ruby Woo by MAC is one Lucy swears by if your unsure!)
Notepad and pen (for notes if you wish)
Charged phone/camera to take progress photos for later reference.
This intimate group session will finish at 9pm- so you can dazzle your way home in good time, or debut your new look over a cheeky cocktail in Soho.


Disclaimer: Revival Retro cannot guarantee or be held responsible for declarations of love or marriage proposals on the way home…
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