What to wear for Goodwood Revival

Goodwood Revival Outfit Shopping


Vintage blogger Charlotte Dymock shares her top tips for how to dress for Goodwood Revival.


Charlotte will be attending this year’s event with Unilever’s All Things Hair, who have a range of vintage hair tutorials if you are looking for something easy to re-create at home.


Ahead of the event, she’s put together her favourite looks with Revival Retro and top tips for creating the perfect vintage hair look.


Goodwood Revival outfit ideas:


Goodwood Revival Outfit Idea



Revival Retro Lambeth Jacket and Pall Mall Skirt - a Lilli Ann inspired charcoal wool jacket and matching pencil skirt (tailored for an hourglass fit)


1950s Style Goodwood Revival


1950s style lipstick red fit and flare coat with mustard beret


Goodwood Revival Outfit Ideas 1940s style


Crepe pussy bow blouse with Revival Retro Handy Pocket A-line skirt with colour pop chartreuse cardigan



Charlotte’s top tips for the perfect vintage look



How do you keep your vintage hair looking great all day?


The secret to maintaining a vintage style all day is mostly lots of backcombing and enough Kirby grips to set off an airport metal detector! My hair tends to frizz quite easily, so a smoothing serum helps keep it looking sleek, and a good spritz of hairspray helps to tidy away unruly strands.


What are your favourite vintage hair looks?


I love 1940s updos! Hair was worn slightly longer in the 1940s, so there was a lot of creativity in updos with lots of rolls, swoops and waves creating interesting shapes and textures.

How are you thinking of having your hair done at Betty’s salon?


I'm so excited to get my hair styled at the salon! My Goodwood outfit plans are 1940s, so I'm thinking about a half-up Betty Grable inspired 'do.


What are your top tips for finding the perfect vintage outfit?


Do your research! So much of what is marketed as 'vintage' these days is a modern interpretation rather than true to the era, so if you're after an authentically vintage look, start with vintage sources. Search for magazine fashion illustrations, catalogues and sewing patterns from the era to get a sense of the styles, shapes and details that were popular at the time.


Equally, the 'perfect' vintage outfit also has to be perfect for you! You'll probably already have an idea of the shapes and styles that best suit your body and personality, so your vintage research will help translate that into the fashions of past eras.


Shopping with reputable vintage and reproduction clothing sellers who know their stuff and can advise on styling for the period look is a great place to start. If you're relatively new to vintage, this expert help can be invaluable.



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Do you prefer Brigitte Bardot Half-Up Hairstyle, 50’s Marilyn Curls or 40’s Pin-up look?


Tumbling 1940s curls is my favourite look, but one of the fun things about vintage style is being able to play with different eras. I love to be able to switch it up and play Brigitte one day and Bletchley code-breaker the next!


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