Sarah's Third Anniversary at Revival

by Rowena Howie July 02, 2016

This week we celebrated Sarah's third anniversary working for Revival Retro. If you have visited the boutique, you probably recognise hers as a familiar face. Sarah is the first point of contact for many of you, and she is the reason why so many of our customers give us 5 star glowing reviews. Want to read some? Click here. And... she deserves them! All credit to Sarah for her incredibly generous nature and wonderful ability to deliver exactly what you need (...even if you didn't know it's what you needed!).


celebrating with mimosas


We toasted Sarah with Mimosas, in one of our favourite nearby haunts. A brunch and special thank you, for being a generally awesome human being, and an amazing member of the team. Part of the reason why your shopping experience at Revival is so special is because Sarah is so passionate and enthusiastic.

One of the lovely things about working in a small business, is that you can build relationships with customers, staff, neighbours and the people you regularly come into contact with (even our postman, James). It shines through that Sarah takes a genuine interest in people- she cares that they are happy and she values that she was simply able to help. A smile on someones face is the best kind of reward.


Thankyou Sarah


So to say thankyou to Sarah, we decided to create a fund for her to use towards her personal or professional development. She is interested in everything from knitting to swing dancing, to management skills to social media, so we are hoping that in a few months she will be able to tell us about what she decided to use her fund for, and what journey it is taking her upon. 


Meanwhile, I leave you with this video that we made for Small Business Saturday that will happen on 3rd December this year. It is testament to Sarah's energy, humour and passion that it turned out so well. Thank you Sarah.



Rowena Howie


Lover of beautiful things and amazing people. Explorer and Entrepreneur. This is my independent shop, whether you visit our London boutique or browse our online offering it is my vision that our wonderful team is working hard to bring to life.

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